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CLEVELAND, Ohio —  Legal expert Rob Glickman of McCarthy, Lebit, Crystal & Liffman, says he plans on assisting small business owners in identifying and navigating through the changes and challenges they’re facing due to COVID-19. 

  • Don’t assume you’re in the clear when it comes to your contract
  • Companies run the risk of defaulting on their lease or loan agreement once they begin producing products that would change their business purpose 
  • Smalll business owners affected by COVID-19 can find free legal advice and resources on the firm’s website

Glickman says when it comes to the pandemic, questions regarding the impact on small businesses are being answered each day, like what is actually considered a small business?  
“A small businesses is defined based on the industry it’s in and the category of business that it’s in, but right online. At the Small Business Association, you can do it, you can look right up and see whether or not you qualify as a small business, and that varies based on your number of employees and your gross revenues,” Glickman said. 
He says every small business qualifies for some type of assistance to help meet their financial obligations. 
“You have been ordered by the government to shut your doors. and normally, if a government action prevents your performance, that renders the defense of impossibility available to you,” Glickman said. 
So what aid is available to them? 
“There are an awful lot of resources that are available to them and more coming online and available to them every day through both state and federal agencies. Everyone right now, especially

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