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Over 10 million people applied for unemployment in March  as the economic shutdown from measures to fight the new coronavirus is forcing many businesses to slow or stop operating altogether. Whether things get better or worse for us mere mortals in the near term depends heavily on how long the shutdown lasts.

After all, even companies that have remained open are dealing with the fallout of lowered travel, fewer gatherings, and people focusing their spending on the essentials. The longer that continues, the harder it will be for businesses that have been negatively affected to remain open and able to keep paying their people.

With so much risk and uncertainty with what comes next, you have every reason to both worry about tomorrow and to make plans to help protect your family as best you can. To help on the money front, here are six coronavirus fighting tips for your finances that can get you in a better spot to handle what may come next.

A stopwatch sits atop a pile of hundred dollar bills, featuring Ben Franklin wearing a medical mask.

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1. File your taxes electronically and get your refund direct deposited

Although the tax filing and payment deadline for your 2019 Federal income taxes has been extended to July 15, that extension really only helps the people who still owe taxes and expect to pay. If you expect you’ll get a refund, waiting only serves to keep you and your

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