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How can agencies mobilise their teams when pitching for new business remotely? And in the absence of chemistry meetings and on-site visits, are a few Zoom calls enough to tell if you actually gel with a client?

With the Covid-19 crisis forcing marketers everywhere to adapt to a new normal, indie creative and production agency Quiet Storm has adjusted its working practices to allow it to continue to compete.

In an interview hosted by The Drum’s associate editor Sonoo Singh as part of our ongoing Digital Transformation Festival, chief executive and managing partner, Rania Robinson, shared some insights to help agencies navigate an unknown era.

Robinson explained how the team at Quiet Storm (which counts Heist, Haribo and Moonpig among its clients) has been consistently pitching “back-to-back” since the end of 2019.

“We are in a good rhythm,” she said. “Everyone gets stuck in and it’s a team effort, so it’s been easier than it would have been had we not been in a bit of a groove already.”

She advised agencies to be more organised and put teams together who are used to collaborating and consistently pitching, instead of mixing things up.

Nailing that spark

One of the exec’s “biggest concerns” in running remote pitches has been the ability to determine chemistry with clients beyond physical meetings, but the agency has found ways around it.

“We tend to be good in the room. People buy people and we know it’s all about chemistry. Even [just to be there in person] reading

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