Ken Williams is new director of Chicago City Council’s Office of Financial Analysis – Chicago Sun-Times

With city revenues plummeting and federal reimbursement to cities and states uncertain, the City Council will need all the advice it can get to help dig Chicago out of the budget hole created by the coronavirus.

Just in time, the $309,376-a-year Council Office of Financial Analysis has a new director.

Budget Committee Chairman Pat Dowell (3rd) has chosen Ken Williams for the $111,144-a-year job. He replaces Ben Winnick, who retired nearly a year ago.

Dowell said she received over 50 resumes and personally interviewed eight candidates she deemed “highly-qualified.” She chose Williams, who joined the office last summer as an analyst, because of his “extensive experience managing government budgets.”

Williams’ resume includes stints as director of financial planning and analysis for the Chicago Housing Authority; financial research analyst and director of financial controls for Cook County and its bureau of economic development and director of resource management and support for the Chicago Public Schools.

Prior to joining the financial analysis office, his most recent job was as principal for a consulting company that helped political candidates, political action committees and major donors comply with campaign finance laws.

“What impressed me most … was his thoughtfulness and creativity when discussing ways to improve Chicago’s fiscal situation. … His insights were well thought out while also being grounded in reality,” Dowell wrote in a statement to the Sun-Times.

In a follow-up interview, Dowell acknowledged she hired Williams as an analyst on the recommendation of Health Committee

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