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Business adversity comes with regularity but the world we live in right now seems particularly challenging. Whether it’s a small budget or competing against bigger well-established rivals or external challenges, success doesn’t come easily. If it did, every business would succeed. Still, no one foresaw a situation such as a global health pandemic that has obliterated the world’s most valuable economies. Today, we share 5 tactics to guide your business through adversity.

One thing successful entrepreneurs learn is that the world of business is unpredictable. Your venture may roll along nicely, turning a hefty profit, yet that doesn’t mean your business is invulnerable to threats that may mean failure. When you run into challenges, you must lead with authority and guide your business through the storm.

Some people say that crisis management is innate and can’t be taught. Don’t listen. Yes, the key to crisis management is to not panic during a turbulent period, as your emotions may force you to make uninformed decisions. Developing a contingency plan ahead of a crisis puts you in a much better situation since you’ve already thought through how to handle the crisis.

Granted, no one predicted the situation we find ourselves in today, but with a consistent strategy, you’ll survive. Here are the steps that could help guide your business through a storm, whether it’s another COVID-19 outbreak or a new challenge.

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