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For those who have a goal of building wealth and having a thriving investing career, long-distance real estate investing can often be the key to success. Though investing in a different city or state can sometimes be a little more complicated than investing in a property that’s right around the corner, with the right due diligence, it can be done. Read on below to learn how you can start building your real estate empire today.

What is long-distance real estate investing?

As the name suggests, long-distance real estate investing occurs when an investor chooses to buy an investment property in an area that isn’t local to them. In this case, the property is usually in another city or state, but any investing that occurs in a different real estate market could be considered long distance.

Though this strategy can be employed by anyone, it’s most often used by investors in high-priced markets like San Francisco or New York City. When that’s your local market, finding a good deal on an investment property can be particularly tough, so it makes sense for property investors to look for markets where their dollar will go further.

Why does this real estate investment strategy work?

It allows for diversification

While every real estate investment strategy carries with it a certain amount of risk, the inherent benefit of long-distance investing is that it allows for diversification. When you are no longer tied solely to the real estate market outside your front door, you give yourself the

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