Video Marketing Tips 2020: Sharon Haver, Founder Says The Future of Your Business Relies on Authentic Visual Storytelling – PRNewswire

NEW YORK, June 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — As a small business owner, entrepreneur or consultant being “camera ready” was never a necessary element in your modern business tool kit – until now. Today’s virtual world requires going beyond the equipment you need to deliver a great remote presentation. Nailing your authentic visual storytelling is a must according to entrepreneur Sharon Haver, the founder of

As the world transitioned to working from home, remote learning, and at home television broadcasts, we became accustomed to the relatability of what was on-screen daily. We can all take lessons from a supermodel as Naomi Campbell became more approachable when she styled and shot her own magazine cover with her iPhone. 

While business reopens, the ease and familiarity of being virtual will continue to shift the future landscape of getting you and your business out there. Use your marketing

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