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Want to save more money but just can’t seem to make savings a habit that sticks? It takes a lot of focus and discipline to consistently save money (especially when the temptation to spend abounds).

I talked to five financial planners to get some fresh ideas on effective savings strategies they’ve seen work for the clients they serve. 

Here are their systems, mental tricks, and unique bits of advice on what to do to increase how much you save.

Embrace starting small

“Small, but consistent, increases in your retirement savings rate will help to put you on track financially for later in life — even if you don’t feel particularly excited about putting money toward that purpose right now,” says Kevin Mahoney, Certified Financial Planner (CFP) at Illumint.

How small is small? Mahoney says increasing contributions to retirement accounts by just 1% at periodic intervals can make a big difference. He suggests using different prompts on the calendar (like the start of a New Year, a birthday, or a seasonal change) to make these gradual increases.

“The key to strong long-term savings rates and dollar amounts lies in constant progress,” Mahoney adds.

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