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General contractors are always in demand, as people want to complete their home projects and get them done correctly. That said, general contractors are in even higher demand because many contractors are aging and people didn’t go into trades for years. In other words, there’s a huge business opportunity if you’re a handy person. We compiled a list of tips for building a general contractor business so you can get started easily; check them out below.

Tackle the Business Stuff Early

If you’re serious about starting your own business, then prove it. You should give your business a name. Even if you’re by yourself at first, you need to apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN). An EIN allows you to open a business bank account. Additionally, you should have a solid website (even if it’s only a landing page) and be active on social media marketing. Finally, general contracting can be dangerous and open you to liabilities, so make sure you’re bonded and ensured––it’ll be expensive but it’s worth it and screams professional.

Be Available but Selective

Unless you had a customer base from the get-go, you’ll probably need to accept most jobs in the beginning. That said, as your name gets around over time you can (and should) pick and choose your jobs. It’s easy to look at a job and consider the $200 you might make off the job, but what makes more sense? A one-off job that pays $200 or a long-term job that pays $5000? We would

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