10 Tips for Making a Quick Impact with a Brand New Business – Small Business Trends

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The early days of running a business can be both exciting and overwhelming. You need to consider everything from marketing to permits. And you may even be juggling these things while working another job. To make the biggest possible impact with your new business, see what experienced members of the online small business community have to say.

Get Your Startup Up and Running While Working a Paying Job

There’s value to sticking with a steady job in the early days of starting a business. However, it can seem overwhelming to juggle both roles. Read this Startup Professionals Musings post by Martin Zwilling for keys to handling this situation.

Use These Conversion Driven Tactics to Get Your First Customer

Getting that first customer can be a major win for any new business. So how can you achieve this major goal? There’s some data that can help. Jayson Bagio details 17 effective tactics in this post on the Right Mix Marketing blog.

Invest in the Right Marketing Channels

Every business needs to figure out their own mix of marketing channels. The ones that work for others in your industry may not work for you. But understanding the options

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