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It takes more than a laptop and a smartphone.

If your family is like mine, your home has become a miniature office complex.

Thanks to COVID-19, I am working at our dining room table, while my wife splits her job between the office and our sun room, and our daughter started high school remotely from our spare bedroom.

But turning your house into a workplace involves more effort than securing a few laptops and smartphones from your employer or school.

Consumer Reports and the Federal Trade Commission offered these tips to help your family thrive in this strange workplace/home environment:

Don’t skimp on office furniture. Simply using an old card table and a folding chair is fine if you are using the work station for an hour or so every week.

But if you are working or attending classes full time, you will need a better arrangement.

You don’t need an expensive chair but select one that allows your feet to rest on the floor while your pelvis and lower back fit snugly against the back of the chair, Consumer Reports recommended.

This arrangement supports you and avoids putting undue pressure on your spine.

You also want a desk that allows your arms to be bent between 90-115 degrees when you place them on your keyboard. Your wrists should be in neutral position, and not resting on the keyboard.

Double-check your internet set up. Dependable online access from home is more important now than it has ever been.

To ensure your internet connection, the Federal Trade Commission

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