Over the years, Tucson Coach Lawton “Ed” Woosley taught valuable lessons to his softball players. Those lessons carried with them into adulthood, and now apply to their professional careers.

For example, Woosley ingrained into his players that accuracy comes before speed; do not try to rush greatness. This applied to every important skill like running, hitting and throwing. According to Woosley, you have to learn how to throw the ball first, then throw it accurately. Master that before you start to throw the ball hard. Continue to increase the speed as long as you can maintain accuracy. He used to tell them “perfect practice makes perfect.”

Consider how this concept applies to a hypothetical new restaurant business. Some of the critical areas of a successful business include operations, marketing, human resources and finance. The restaurant owner needs to analyze the competition, identify the right location and target the right customers. They must have an effective marketing plan, hire the right people and train them correctly. It would help to select the best vendors, design a great menu and build a good website, too.

The business owner needs to develop these skills, or hire specialists, before they can expect success.

What happens when you try to rush greatness? Consider the hypothetical case of “Rudy the Realtor.” Rudy just got his license and is eager to make a living. He immediately identifies a luxury neighborhood and begins marketing. He sends postcards and knocks