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Building on a foundation set by the UN Human Rights Working Group and consistent with a detailed white paper published TRACE International, two major business associations—the Business Industry Advisory Committee (BIAC also known as “Business at the OECD”) and the International Organization of Employers (IOE)—recently issued a guide to assist businesses in connecting anti-corruption and human rights. Entitled “Connecting the Anti-Corruption and Human Rights Agendas: A Guide for Business and Employers’ Organisations,” it describes the general interconnectedness of anti-corruption and business and human rights, focuses on the practical implementation of a coordinated approach for companies, contains a lengthy appendix of resources, and includes a few short examples of company experiences. While the Guide does not contain much information that is new, it represents an important consensus of key organizations in the global business community. Indeed, BIAC/Business at the OECD, established roughly at the same time as the OECD, is an international business network with global members of more than seven million companies around the world. The IOE, created in 1920, advocates for employers and business community in the International Labor Organization and is the largest network of the private sector in the world, with more than 150 national employers’ organizations in 145 countries. Through these two leading business organizations, the Guide helps to solidify the expectation that companies will institute human rights programs and consider them in conjunction with their anti‑corruption activities.

For the past year, the UN Human Rights Working Group has sought to

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