Fayetteville author works to educate youth on financial literacy – The Fayetteville Observer

Crystal McLean happily shows her new children's book, 'Harmoney & the Empty Piggy Bank,” that will teach financial literacy to children. The book is scheduled for release later this month.

A Fayetteville native is doing her part to educate young people on financial literacy, starting with the release of her book “Harmoney & the Empty Piggy Bank” on Oct. 27. 

Crystal McLean, a financial banker, wrote her children’s book on financial literacy after coming to the realization that there isn’t enough resources to prepare people for the financial world of budgeting, investing, saving and debt. 

McLean was inspired to write the book after taking her daughter to Barnes & Noble bookstore in hopes of finding a book on financial literacy. Frustrated, McLean decided to write her own book for her daughter, and then it turned into something much bigger. 

“What I have learned after graduating college and not really learning a lot about finances until after being in the real world, they don’t really teach you about how to handle money,” said McLean, a Fayetteville State University graduate. “They teach you the core principles about the accounting side of it. They teach you all these different things. But they don’t really teach you how to budget and manage your money, so I didn’t really learn a lot until I got into the ‘real world.’”

As a student at FSU studying banking and finance, McLean said the didn’t appreciate the importance of financial literacy as

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