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This Guide was authored by Garrett Mehl, Maeghan Orton, Natschja Ratanaprayul and Tigest Tamrat of the WHO Department of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Research; Hallie Goertz, Celina Kareiva, Carl Leitner and Brian Taliesin of PATH; and Smisha Agarwal and Alain Labrique of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.


This Digital Implementation Investment Guide (DIIG) aims to help governments and technical partners plan a digital health implementation that focuses on one or more health programmes to support national health system goals.

The Guide is designed to walk users of the document step-by-step through planning, costing and implementing digital health interventions within a digital health enterprise. This consists of selecting digital health interventions that are aligned with identified health needs, appropriate to a specific country context and integrated with existing technologies and the broader digital architecture. Users of the Guide will learn from diverse experiences deploying digital health technologies over the past decade and will be guided through a systematic approach to designing, costing and implementing meaningful digital health interventions that are part of a digital health enterprise.

A digital health enterprise comprises the business processes, data, systems and technologies used to support the operations of the health system, including the point-of-service software applications, devices and hardware and the underlying information infrastructure (such as the digital health platform) that deliver health services accelerated and amplified by digital and data technologies. Digital health enterprise architectures have varying degrees of maturity and institutionalization within the broader ecosystem. This document makes a distinction

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