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Question: How can I elevate the concept of selling in my small business?

Answer: Sales are the lifeblood of every business. There are no customers, no revenue, no profit, no business without sales. For a small business to extend its lifecycle beyond launch and into growth, there needs to be a sales mentality in every employee. It starts with whomever answers your phone to those who engage with customers to employees who execute the work, to the owner of the business who thanks the customer. If you and your team do not view satisfying customer needs, wants and desires as a time-phased interaction, all you have are transactions that are short-lived.

Sales is not a dirty word. It is an element of business discipline that is often misunderstood. In order to adopt a sales mentality it is the same as leadership. You need to share your vision (your value proposition)? What do you offer to meet customer needs, wants and desires? How do you create relationships to get beyond transactional activities? How do you provide solutions to address the pains and problems of your customers and prospects? So, the first step in creating a sales mentality for your business is to view what you do is helping. Helping customers achieve their objectives. When you approach sales this way everyone in the organization is in sales.

Marketing and sales functions have to work together to generate sales. In a small business these two functions are normally vested in one person, namely the

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