Column: Financial tips for cash-strapped college students – The Baylor Lariat

Many students struggle to find a financial balance in during their college years. Photo Illustration by Ava Sanborn.

By Carson Lewis | Assistant Digital Managing Editor

It can be really hard to get an understanding of finances. If your high school was anything like mine, I never touched anything similar to a home economics class. I was lucky that I had several family members that were able to help me develop my own financial knowledge.

Thanks to them, I have three tips to help college students focus on managing their incomes and payments.

1. Focus on the long-term, and try to cut unnecessary costs.

A lot of the time, college students can get overly focused on the small things. Obsessing over the cost of everything you buy can get tiresome and can make you lose out on valuable experiences. My tip is to prioritize people over things. When you’re deciding between spending money on a brand-new phone or going on a spring break trip with your friends, choose your friends. A phone can be useful and in many cases you

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