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With the recent pandemic sweeping the globe, our economy has faced seismic adjustments, leaving many workers furloughed, or worse, unemployed. For some businesses, this is make or break time, and those who are able to adapt and use the skills of their employees are those that are thriving. This shift has caused a great deal of unrest, but it has also opened up opportunities unlike any we’ve ever experienced. Technology means that we can provide more services online than ever before, and this increase in service will inevitably mean you’ll need an increase in your workforce. If you’re looking to expand your company, strengthen your workforce or change the way you provide your services, this article can help you stay on top of the most effective ways to recruit during this pandemic.

Be clear about who you want to employ, and the specific skills that you need.

With so many people facing redundancy, there is more of a competition for new jobs than ever before. As an employer, you will likely be faced with an increase in applications for any jobs you advertise for, meaning that whilst you’ll have more work to do sorting through them, you will also be faced with the cream of the crop. If your advertisement is clear about the skills and qualifications that you require, it will be much easier to highlight those for whom the job will be most suited, and from these you can ensure your workforce consists of the best of

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