Boost Sales on Your Site by Making These 5 Changes –

Are you looking for a way to boost conversions on your website? If so, you’re not alone. Business owners and marketers have countless marketing tools and channels at their disposal, but none of them have any real value unless their site is optimized correctly. 

Imagine seeing an intriguing ad on social media about a new company. Its products, marketing and brand messaging all look great. You decide to go check out its website, and it’s a mess. How likely are you to slog through a broken, poorly structured website just to complete your order? The odds are not good. 

Nailing conversion-based web design means more people will spend time interacting with your business. During this period, they may show interest in your brand by reading blog content or joining your email list. Alternatively, they may see your product as something they need and become a paying customer on the spot. 

You’ll never get to this point unless your site is ready for a wide range of users with different interests and buying habits. Today, we hope to help by showing you five ways to boost sales with a focus on conversion-based design. 

1. Use one call to action per page.

Your call to action can make or break the customer experience. If someone lands on your blog, reads a helpful post and sees a relevant CTA at the bottom of the page, they are much more likely to follow through. 

Here’s a quick example to show you what we mean. If your website

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